3 Hot Stocks Almost No One is Paying Attention To

Investing in breakthrough technology can be incredibly lucrative – and right now we are living through its golden age!

  • URGENT Watch Stock #1: A pioneering UK-listed company within a new $16 trillion industry
  • URGENT Watch Stock #2: An innovator company that seems to have been overlooked
  • URGENT Watch Stock #3: The one sector that could grow in 2020 (no matter what happens in the markets)

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About Sam Volkering

Sam has spent more than a decade uncovering, researching and investigating the world’s most revolutionary technology trends before they hit the big time. He predicted the first wave of 3D printing, the arrival of augmented reality and most notably the rise of fintech disruptors, artificial intelligence and pioneers in the quantum computing space.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

He first bought bitcoin in 2011 when it was trading for a mere $12 and got into Ripple way back in 2015… and rode it to a 20,000% gain! He is recognised as a leading authority in the field of cryptocurrency and went on to write the bestselling book - Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and The Future of Money.

Today, Sam is the editor of Exponential Investor – one of the UK’s most forward-thinking daily financial newsletters with over 63,000 readers.

He's also the editor of the popular investment advisory Frontier Tech Investor. Whether it’s tiny, AIM-listed small and microcaps, tomorrow's breakthrough technologies and the companies driving them, or a huge opportunity that has gone unnoticed by the mainstream pundits – Sam is dedicated to helping British investors with his edge-of-the-bell curve investment ideas.


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